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      2006 - Issue ¹ 2

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United Children’s Complex, Students of “Palitra” School got new awards

[26 Ìàðò 2010]

National Skilled Children “Chudomiriada 2010” festival took place in Kazanlik for the fourth time. Students from “Palitra” Fine Arts School within Kardzhali United Children’s Complex participated to the “Our Kids” Paint competition. [...more]

Spring Poetry Reading

[26 Ìàðò 2010]

N.Y. Vaptsarov Regional Library and Kardzhali Military Club are organizing Spring Poetry Reading tonight. Besides the local poets, poets from Stara Zagora and Haskovo will participate to the activity. [...more]

“My life, your life, our lives”

[26 Ìàðò 2010]

Some students and teachers from “Hristo Botev” Foreign Languages School visited Germant between 9 and 13 March. They visited “Down Saksonya” province, “Gifhorn” district and “Weyhausen” in Germany. [...more]

City Council Members took part in the Silent Action

[25 Ìàðò 2010]

City Council Members took part in the Silent Action in front of the Lead and Zinc factory due to the increased air pollution in the city. The decision of the protest was taken at the council session today unanimously.[...more]

Turkish Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry opened an office in Kardzhali

[25 Ìàðò 2010]

Bulgarian ambassador of Republic of Turkey, Mehmet Gucuk, met the Mayor of Kardzhali, Hasan Azis, today. Plovdiv Consul General of Republic of Turkey, Cuneyt Yavuzcan, also attended the meeting. [...more]

2 Hour Entertainment to the Kardzhalian Children

[23 Ìàðò 2010]

Yesterday more than 300 children attended to the Masked Ball that was organized by Municipality of Kardzhali and United Children’s Complex. Masked Ball that is organized for 8 years brought many children together.[...more]

The team volleyball of Slaveykov is the champion of the province

[23 Ìàðò 2010]

P. R. Slaveykov High School volleyball team is the champion of the province. The team of the Kardzhali’s major school’s 8-10th class students defeated all its rivals and climbed to the top.[...more]

Cobra at the age of 100 human years in Kardzhali City Center

[23 Ìàðò 2010]

Haskovo Thrace Herpetological Society exotic animal species exhibition visits Kardzhali on its way to “World and Human Being” Museum for a week. From today on, Kardzhalians have chance to see the very different animal species for a week.[...more]

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