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Bulletin for October
      2006 - Issue ¹ 1

Bulletin for November
      2006 - Issue ¹ 2

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Municipality of Kardzhali

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Cobra at the age of 100 human years in Kardzhali City Center

Haskovo Thrace Herpetological Society exotic animal species exhibition visits Kardzhali on its way to “World and Human Being” Museum for a week. From today on, Kardzhalians have chance to see the very different animal species for a week. This collection includes more than 30 reptiles, spiders, black and green mamba snakes, poisonous spotted sand snakes, cobras, pythons, bulls, gigantic and yellow anacondas, varans, rattlesnakes, water dragons, scorpions and many other species of animals. Visitors will also see the most poisonous and dangerous taypan snake. Black mamba is rarely exhibited. In the Balkans they can be seen only here and in Istanbul. Iguana called Lina and male Indian cobra at age 22-25 (approximately 100 human years) will also be shown in Kardzhali for the first time. Lina is the only animal that can be fondled in the exhibition. Despite its huge size it is a very calm animal. Society owns 10 iguanas and 300 snakes of 70 different species. They were imported from Indonesia and South Africa. Since some of the species in this collection are very dangerous they can rarely be seen in the terrariums in Europe. It is common to exhibit the species that are not dangerous and that can be hunted. Three of the experts of the society make research in a systematic way and produce antidote.

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