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“My life, your life, our lives”

Some students and teachers from “Hristo Botev” Foreign Languages School visited Germant between 9 and 13 March. They visited “Down Saksonya” province, “Gifhorn” district and “Weyhausen” in Germany. This was the last planned visit that is organized within the project “My life, your life, our lives” which is a part of Komenski Program cooperation between schools. They have been working for this program since 2008. They met their Polish, Latvian and German colleagues with whom they have been working in this project.
Students from Bulgaria were communicating with their friends in Germany via Internet for 2 years and stayed at their houses during the visit. This way the students had chance to learn about the life styles of their fellows and their families. An interesting program was prepared for this 4 day trip. The students from Bulgaria visited the host school and they participated the mathematics and geography classes in this school. They visited Helmstetd-Marienrborn Monument and the border which used to separate the country into two parts, East and West Germany. A city tour of the second greatest city of Down Saksonya, Braunschweig, and visiting Cathedral and Parliament building of the city which preserve traces of Gothic and Baroque architecture were also part of the program.

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