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Bulletin for October
      2006 - Issue ¹ 1

Bulletin for November
      2006 - Issue ¹ 2

6600, Kardzhali,
bul. "Bulgaria", ¹41
Municipality of Kardzhali

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      Kardzhali with its unique natural phenomena, rich historical and cultural heritage is an attractive place to visit. The city is the administrative, commercial and industrial centre of the Eastern Rhodopes. It is situated on both sides of the ancient Arda River and between the two dams of “Kardzhali” and “Studen Kladenets”. Only 18 km far from Kardzhali, one can see the Holy Town of The Thracians, called “PERPERIKON” – a unique historical monument which has no equal in the European history. The archaeological researches proved not only the fact that PERPERIKON is the largest megalith monument in our country, but also the fact that human activity in these lands dates back to 4000 B.C. During the centuries, Kardzhali has been destroyed, reduced to ashes, brought to ruins and despite all has survived, flourished and managed to preserve its characteristics.

     I do believe our Municipality’s greatest assets are the people living in this area. For centuries, Bulgarians and Turks, Christians and Muslims have been living in peace and harmony, creating a realistic model of peaceful co-existence. This particular model has endured all obstacles and tests of the history and time. I am deeply convinced that this very tradition will help us to pave the way for Kardzhali Municipality to become an excellent representative of our country in the greater European family.

     Being born and bred in Kardzhali, I’m very familiar with the problems that my fellow-citizens encounter. I am aware that improving city’s infrastructure and the quality of life are the most urgent issues for the time being. Therefore, I am putting all my efforts on realization of projects that will stimulate and turn the Municipality of Kardzhali into an attractive place for living, recreation and investment.

Dipl. Eng. Hasan Azis, Mayor
Municipality of Kardzhali

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