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  Municipal Initiatives


On November 20, year 2006, was the official opening of Kardzhali’s new symbol, namely – the “Orpheus’ Lyre” plastics. Hundreds of guests and people from the town of Kardzhali gathered in the space in front of “21st Century” Bus Station. The grand opening ceremony started with a procession, led by the majorettes and the town’s brass band.   

Later, they were accompanied by groups and bands from the two theatres, the House of Culture, “Yumer Lyutvi” community centre and “Rodopska iskra” community cebtre –Ardino, as well as by the Thracian group performers at “Dimitar Madjarov” Association. “Nezabravki” choir opened the concert-show with a special song about Kardzhali.

With a speech of welcome the Mayor, Dipl. Eng. Hasan Azis, addressed to all who were present. In his speech he added:  “The monumental “Orpheus’ Lyre” plastics which I have the honour to open tonight, is a symbol of great many things. It has been erected on a place where all four roads meet in order to merge in a circle, which carries the symbol of infinity.

Our wish was to create a composition which combines in a unique manner the whisper of one eternal river, which passes across our town, the coiling roads of the Rhodopes, the eternal greenness of the Rhodope mountains, and the sun which casts its golden light most of the time during the year in our town. Whether out efforts have been successuful, is what we’ll find out with time. For, this particular work of plastics influences each of us in a different way.   

It symbolizes our generous hospitality and is also a symbol of a window opened to the whole world. It’s a message which we’ll leave to the generations to come. This lyre, which most of all is a symbol of our love for Kardzhali and our willingness to live in a more comfortable and beautiful town, I do hope, will open our homes’ windows to this one river, it will help us meet the eyes of our close ones and the ones of the stranger as well.    

Kardzhali is, indeed, a town which deserves to have its symbols. And when these symbols grow in number and become signs for certain places in our town – what else can we ask for. Kardzhali is one of Bulgaria’s most beautiful towns. 

Its residents, as well as the people of the whole Municipality, are among the worthiest, most  responsible and well-intentioned citizens of our country. The people of Kardzhali deserve their new symbols. They remember and rely on our past, they are the ray of light in today’s world, and they will help us preserve our identity in today’s fast moving world.”

Dipl. Eng. Hasan Azis expressed his gratitude to all who took part in the activities around creating this landmark, namely – sculptor Ziyatin Nuriev, author of the plastics, landscape architect Krastan Karakashev and the three executive companies on the project “Gaspar Godo”, “Karaman” and “Cleanness, Landscape and Urban Design”.


Among the guests were the Deputy District Governors Nacho Kovachev and Sabahatin Riza, the Chairperson of the Municipal Council Seyfi Nedjib, Mayors of neighbouring municipalities and many others. Dancers circled with torches the monument work and the audience watched part of the ballet performance “A Dream of Rhodope”. They were followed by the clarinetist Neshko Neshev, singer Orhan Murad, accordionist Nesho Neshev, and dancers at “Yumer Lyutvi” community centre. The audience applauded loudly the group for Rhodope songs from Ardino and the Thracian group solists. By tradition, dancers at the House of Culture also joined the performers, after which the Mayor of the municipality led the ring dance and joined in the dance by many other citizens.  


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