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  Municipal Initiatives


"Kardzhali is an emplematic town which, according to legends, is the place where Orpheus was born, it’s also the place where he lived and created art”, said the Mayor of Kardzhali Municipality, Dipl. Eng. Hasan Azis, on July 13th, 2005, at the unveiling ceremony of the Statue of Orpheus.

Together with the district governor of the Bulgarian “Rotary Club” Kalcho Hinov, he cut the ribbon for the monument which was placed at the very entrance to the Rhodope town. 
This was the initiative of “Rotary Club” – Kardzhali, while the process of placing the statue of Orpheus was carried out in co-operation with the district and municipal administrations.
At the official unveiling of the monument were present rotaries from Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey, politicians, public figures, residents of the town.  .

About 100 balloons filled the air on the occasion of the centennial anniversary of “Rotary International”, while the performance of the majorettes at “Otets Paisii” Secondary school and the airshow added to the convival atmosphere at the monument of Orpheus.


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